Can I join a Reglan class action lawsuit?

Right now Reglan lawsuits are being handled on an individual basis, rather than as a single Reglan class action lawsuit. A class action lawsuit is comprised of a large number of claimants seeking damages against a common Defendant. At the resolution of the class action, individual class members would receive a portion of the final Reglan lawsuit settlement according to their injuries and other predetermined criteria.

It is unknown at this time if or when a Reglan class action lawsuit will be formed.

What is known is that as of 2009, over 2 million people were reportedly taken some form of generic Reglan, or “metoclopramide.”  It is also widely accepted in the medical community that Reglan is the number one cause of drug-induced movement disorders, including Tardive Dyskinesia.  Reglan is approved for short-term use only, yet many doctors continue to prescribe the medication for well over 12 months, thereby contributing to the risk of developing Tardive Dyskinesia and related neurological disorders such as cervical dystonia, blepharospasm, and secondary Parkinson’s symptoms.

With so many people reporting such serious Reglan side effects, and with so many potentially still at risk due to their current dosage, one might expect to one day see the formation of a Reglan class action lawsuit.

For now, Reglan lawsuits are proceeding individually.  Pretrial discovery however, has been centralized by the New Jersey Supreme Court where several state lawsuits are currently pending. New Jersey is home to central defendant Wyeth Pharmaceuticals.

How to start a Reglan Lawsuit

Individuals and family members of individuals suffering from symptoms of Tardive Dyskinesia and related neurological movement disorders as a result of taking Reglan or metoclopramide should seek the advice of a Reglan lawyer to learn their legal rights and to initiate a Reglan lawsuit.